Hear about Elon Musk’s “Neural lace” technology that would connect computer to human brain

Vivek Saini

Vivek Saini writes about science and technological trends for technstuff.in. Vivek is a student of Bachelor Of Technology form C. U. Shah University. Vivek likes to know about and share about various tech and science trends.

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2 Responses

  1. Dorn Williamson says:

    I had a Traumatic Brain Injury August 29,1987. I was hit HEAD-ON on my way back to school at the University of Central Florida. I was a Senior with 3 classes left to graduate with a BA in Psychology. My life CHANGED.
    I was in a COMA for 4 months. After I came OUT of COMA, I had to RELEARN EVERYTHING!
    I lost my sense of taste and smell.
    I lost the Right Field of Vision fro BOTH EYES.
    I would LOVE to get what I LOST back!
    I want to see if the Neural Lace can REPAIR my BRAIN!
    Please reply!
    Dorn Williamson

    • Vivek Saini says:

      Hi, Very sorry to hear about that, very Traumatic. I can not even imagine. Hope you are okay!
      We hope that Neural Lace could change the future, it has a potential. We can hope, rest of it is on Elon Musk. Seeing technology improving day by day it will soon be possible what you desire.
      Best wishes! Stay connected, Stay Healthy. 🙂

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